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Increase sales while freeing up your CSRs to focus on generating new business.

iSHOP – The only storefront specifically written for SyteLine / CloudSuite Industrial

While many off-the-shelf storefronts exist, they lack the features needed to conduct business between businesses and more importantly are not integrated with your ERP software.

Having a storefront for your business customers, that communicates with all of your other systems, not only saves time for everyone involved, but also prevents promises to deliver that can’t be met. This will ensure your customers get what they want in the time frame they need thus improving customer satisfaction and driving sales.

  • Save CSR time while increasing accuracy and speed with web orders that automatically flow into SyteLine / CloudSuite Industrial (CSI)
  • Increase customer satisfaction with real-time inventory availability for ease of ordering and precise expected delivery dates
  • Your customers manage their own buying agent logins to eliminate bottlenecks, increase security and simplify access
  • Eradicate duplicate systems and decrease the possibility of entry errors with pricing and tax information accessed directly from SyteLine
  • Create discounts and coupons to drive sales
  • Easily maintain your product information without waiting for a technical expert to intervene.

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Credit Card Processing for SyteLine

More and more business customers are placing retail orders and wanting to use credit cards for payment, creating a new set of challenges

  • Tracking the card
  • Getting authorization for the order amount
  • Ensuring credit is still available prior to shipment
  • Capturing funds against the invoice as payment in accounts receivable, and
  • Doing all of this while remaining compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards.

Logic Data Credit Card Processing for SyteLine / CSI gives you a secure and automated ERP system enabling your staff and customers to

  • Accept credit cards from your customers at the time of customer or service order entry
  • Pay existing invoices on their account
  • Split payments across multiple cards
  • Store and re-use customer cards
  • Use SyteLine Pick/Pack/Ship

all while maintaining strict security of customer credit card information by saving all credit card information on the website, not your database.

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